Jeezy, Jeezy, Jeezy!



Young Jeezy did a hell of a show, Friday night March 28 at Houston’s Arena Theater. He ran through his massive hit catalogue for the fans of H-town.

He started off his set, with his verse on Shorty Lo’s “Dey Know Remix”.  The crowd were on their feet. Jeezy burst out with so much energy, it was hard to keep your seat.

Jeezy filled the stage with a whole heap of fine ass thug background standers.  Like really, some nice looking shoot-em up style niggas.  Just the kind I like. And, I love it!


Arena Theater Houston, TX

Young came out looking dapper as always.  All black everything. A leather black jacket, leather fitted cap turned to the back, black jeans, and J’s.  Being in Houston, that leather coat was not going to last long. Shorty into his set, he stripped down to reveal a black short-sleeve shirt with leather paneling.

Jeezy was looking good! Looks like he put on a few pounds since I last seen him.  But he rocks it so well, and I thought he was slimming down a little too much for my likings.



Even though Jeezy does not have a hit record in rotation currently (aside from his feature on Rick Ross “War Ready”), nor has he released a new album (since 2011’s TM:103), he still drew an impressive crowd of die-hards.

All of Houston’s Street Kings and Queens, Hustlers, Gangsters, Ratchets, THOT’s, and Baby Momma’s were in full effect. Even Slim Thugga Mother Fucka graced the crowd with his appearance, taking pics with the ratchets. Such a hometown hero.

jeezy and thug

The Houston Arena theater has an awesome rotating stage set-up. I know me and Jeezy caught eyes on more than a few occasions, and I exchanged a few flirtatious smiles with his sexy entourage. All in all, it was good night.

Jeezy definitely put on for our city! And what I said it.


G’s Up! YG 4Hunndid


I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when I heard YG’s debut album My Krazy Life.  Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson better known as YG dropped his first full length album under Def Jam/ CTE records March 18th.  Crediting Young Jezzy and DJ Mustard for their production talents.

yg cov


West Coast born and raised, YG the 24 year old emcee has definitely proved himself as an up and coming artist. Fuck it, he has arrived.

“I think the West Coast is an extremely legendary place, but at the same time I think there’s a new breed of guys, YG included, Kendrick included, guys that are just writing their own chapter.” Drake tells Complex.

“To actually come in and see a nigga really dedicated with a body of work and come from a real place and a real lifestyle, ’cause I’ve seen him out there, that’s a whole ‘nother feeling,” states Kendrick Lamar.

The plaudit doesn’t stop there. Jeezy describes his album as “Timeless, not just what’s hot today or what’s good for tomorrow. 10 years from now, it’s still a classic album.” I agree Jeezy.

What was most surprising about the album, was the kid’s diversity. I heard a couple of his hit singles, but I didn’t know what to expect from the full album.

The West Coast King of Ratchet Rap, told that he has spent the last three years honing his craft as an emcee and writer. I can personally see his growth from his 2011 hit “Toot and Boot it.” He had ok lyrics in the song, but his confidence and presence was not developed yet.

Today, you can see the maturation. Like on the successful single, “My Nigga”  This gangsta rapper’s confidence is now emerging, he comes in riding the beat almost singing. On the club banger “Right Left” DJ Mustard creates a beat reminiscent of the great DJ Mannie Fresh’s “Back that Azz Up”.

“I’m giving you that realness in every line, even my party shit,” he promises. “Mother Fuckers that ain’t heard my music think I’m a single artist, but even my singles is real life shit, you feel me? Even if it’s some party shit, that’s a reflection of where I come from, the culture of the West Coast, we known for gang-bangin’ and partyin’.”

I feel you boo. Songs like “Meet the Flockers” and “1 AM” are so real and so street, I found myself laughing and thinking I could actually see this nigga hitting houses licks.  Nigga shit is a common theme throughout the album.  Even his artwork on the album cover is photo’s of him doing typical nigga shit in the hood. And I love it.

There are songs like “Sorry Momma” featuring Ty Dolla. YG paints a very realistic picture, of the young thug stealing his mother’s last few dollars, but makes a promise that those days are over.  “Sorry Momma, I know I aint shit / I know I lied a lot, I know I aint slick / Them last few dollars, yeah that was me who stole em out your purse / Yeah I know it hurts.”

Or on the song “Me and My Bitch” he talks about not being able to trust a bitch, because his main bitch cheated and left him feeling all embarrassed. “She text me like I love you /  I text her back like fuck you.” Po’ baby. Just listening to the album track by track you feel like you are living his life through his art of storytelling.



Most new artist would love the opportunity to have a big name co-sign them in the way that Young Jeezy did for YG. But the Young G knows that it takes more than a co-sign to survive in the game.

“I’m just telling you on some artist shit, it’s on you. You can’t blame the next nigga for your success or failure. It’s either on you, or you on some little boy shit. This is a grown man business, so you gotta act accordingly.”

Well put, boo. With a solid album to back him, YG is riding high on the west coast as well as the East, and all the hoods in between.

YG 4Hunnid !! And What I Said It.




Computer Love: Online Dating 2014


Okay so it’s 2014,  Yes I have tried online dating a few times. No really, I’m addicted to online dating.

It’s fun. I like being desired by all types of men from just about everywhere. And the whole dating thing is like an adventure to me. You never really know what to expect when you receive a new flirt or a message from a stranger. It’s like opening a mystery box each time. Too bad, sometimes it’s pandora’s box, but hey, you live and you learn.

I am new to the online dating scene, but I have learned a few tips that maybe helpful to survive in the game.


Lower your expectations, but never your standards. This means that handsome, single, successful doctor, with the great personality, perfect health, debt free, child free, 100% drama free man probably doesn’t exist online.  But the cute, lab tech, still living at home with his parents, tons of debt, low on cash, is really digging your online profile.  Be patient, he got that ambition baby!

And the lies. Men lie in real life all the time,  but virtually the lies are over the moon. It’s important to be attentive and pay attention to details, because he will tell you anything you want to hear.

Have an open mind. Step out of your comfort zone. If you only date a certain type of person, don’t discriminate against a different type approaching you. You can’t continue with the same behavior and expect different results. I’m just saying.

Don’t judge a book by its cover or it’s title.  Remember looks aren’t everything, they are something, just not everything. Guys don’t put as much thought as women do into choosing a profile pic or the content of their bio.

I ran across a nice looking piece of dark chocolate’s profile. On the race question he put mixed. Mixed? I was curious so I sent him a message:

Me: hey sexy chocolate, nice pics. I see you put mixed as your race, tell me more….
Him: Hi, hru? I’m not mixed I like mixed women
Me: O

Clearly he didn’t read the instructions on filling out the “about me” portion of the profile. Doesn’t mean he’s not a good guy, just not a bright guy.

Actually I’ve meet quite a few guys that are 100% better looking face-to-face than in their profile pics.

Now beware of the folks who still try to hold on to their looks from 10 years ago. Why post a picture of yourself 100 pounds lighter, with a full head of hair, in your best outfit, on your best day?  The truth will come to light one day. Save yourself the heartache and embarrassment, post recent and sensible pics.

It is very important to know what you want. If you are looking for a relationship, say that. If you only want a hook up, make that known. If you are looking for wifey or hubby,  be sure to make that clear, upfront. This helps to weed out people who are not looking for the same things you are. It saves a lot of time being openly honest upfront.

And lastly, forget everything you once thought about online dating. I admit,  I had a preconceived notion that only unattractive, freaks and geeks used online dating. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that it is nothing like that. We are living in a virtually enhanced world now, online dating is just a virtual way of meeting new people. People you probably would never have crossed paths with, if not online.

Just like being out in a club or a bar, you see what you like and go for it.  You might get turned down or ignored, but on to the next.

I am still single and have yet to meet my match. But I will continue to online date for the fun of it. Who knows my King could be one click away.

And what I said it.

LIL BOOSIE HOME!!! And what??


I guess all the free Lil Boosie campaigning paid off because as of Wednesday March 12th 2014 Torrence Hatch was released from Angola prison, cleared of a first-degree murder charge in May 2012 but served a mandatory 2 year sentence for drug possession.


I love Lil Boosie as much as the next hip hop fan, but a press conference really.  To release the statement: Honey I’m Home, naw, no thank you. That’s injustice. It’s not as though he was a prisoner of warfare, or wrongfully convicted of a horrific crime.  He caught a possession case while locked up on a first-degree murder charge.  I am truly grateful that he beat the first charge, but he could have been home if he didn’t ketch the second case. Why should I applaud him for that?  He did his time just like any other black man lock up on drug charges. Do their time and come home to hit the streets.

My little cousin did a 3 1/2 year stint and  we threw a small celebration to show that we love and missed him.  We didn’t call the local media to arrange a press conference for him to give a shot-out to all the fam that held him down while he was away.  We didn’t call Quanell X to escort him from the prison door to his mama’s car waiting for him in the parking lot. We did none of the such, just a regular Black people fish fry with the “Welcome Home” banner attached to the garage.

Maybe its because my little cousin never accomplished his ghetto dreams of becoming a hood superstar.  Please do not forget how we hold our neighborhood trapstars, and hood celebrities in high regard.

Why does the Black community supports and even glorify a person for going to jail? In the hood, going to jail and doing real time solidify’s a persons character. A badge of honor, earned stripes.  In a true sense it justifies the reason you went to jail. No matter the crime.

Think about the whole TI situation and his multiple cases.  The hood was in a frenzy when it was known that TI would serve a lengthy sentence for gun possession.  Almost immediately Free the King t-shirts were being printed and sold on your nearest hood corner.

ti shirt

T.I. was arrested with a arsenal of weapons enough to supply a small African village. There is nothing celebratory about that fact.

So now that Lil Boosie is home after being arrested for a murder charge, we are supposed to salute that man for coming home.

The murder victim will never come home.

And what I said it.

The Wonder Years of the Workplace


In today’s workplace everybody has a certain role they play.  Similar to the cliques and crews we had in high school. Sadly to say, most adults re-live their high school years in the workplace. The workplace is an environment where you can re-create yourself and attempt to modify your persona.  That is, until you are exposed for your lies and deceit, and you dread going back to the office the next day. Yup, just like high school.


Typically, when you start your first day at a new job, almost immediately you can determine where you will fit in. There are the jocks who always brag about going to gym right after work to get in a quick work out, or the ones that get up extra early to run a few miles before coming to work. And the adult males who still wear basketball shorts under their suits, just in case a pick-up game of basketball ensues.

There are the cool guys and gals that party way to hard the night before and always have a cool story to tell about it. (Particularly my type of people!) These guys are usually slackers at work, they do the bear minimum, just enough for the boss to not grow suspicious of their lazy work ethic. You have to watch out for the cool kids.  They can be so intriguing and compelling to where you end up finishing their work while totally enthralled in one of their awesome stories.

Then there are the nerds and over achievers, those who go above and beyond the call of duty and makes the rest of the mediocre staff look bad. They come to work early or on time, they take only their designated coffee breaks, never over the allotted time given. And they do what they are told to do, no exceptions. These are the conformed type that the government has crafted, but that’s for another day.  This group usually takes their job way too seriously. Bosses pet! But they are usually the first group to look at when considering raises and promotions.  You can only hang in this group: if you have been praised by management, kissed the ass of management, have the desire to become management one day, or if you don’t fit in any other group.


And no matter what type of work environment you are in, there is always a #teammessy. A group of men and women who create, spread, and intensify workplace gossip.  This set of people can make or break a productive and comfortable work environment. I despise this group in particular.  This group is so reminiscent of high school it’s not funny. These group members mix and mingle among the other groups prying for any piece of gossip within ear reach.  They lie, connive, deceive, and manipulate, just to make the day more interesting.  It does not take much for #teammessy to take action, all they need is 1/4th of a truth to create an outlandish and whimsical tale to spread across the company, rapidly.

#Teammessy is a very dangerous group.  They wear disguises as friends, but will stab you in the back with company logo pens.  Sounds familiar? Remember your best friend from homeroom, remember the secret they couldn’t keep? Tragic. But now, as adults that secret can ruin your whole career.

Moral of the story chose your groups wisely. Like your mother used to say, “Birds of a feather, flock together”.  Remember management will notice the workplace cliques and treat you accordingly.

2014 Groupies


The term groupie is usually associated with rock bands and young female followers willing to do anything to meet their fav musicians.
I am a renaissance groupie.  I will travel just about anywhere to see any of my favorite artist/groups perform. I have even been known to fly solo dolo to a concert just to be in the presence of the band.

If you don’t have a deep rooted passion for music, you probably couldn’t grasp the idea of spending close to $5000 annually for a musical entertainment budget. The cost include buying new music from all my fav artists, concerts tix, concert outfits, artists merch, drinks at concert, and other miscellaneous purchases. All to show my love and support for the arts.

There is nothing like the thrill of being in a designated area with a large number of people excited and super hyped to witness a performance. Just knowing that everyone in that venue at that time is there to enjoy the same show makes it really easy to meet new people. 

Being in the communications realm has provided me with numerous opportunities to attend all types of concerts. The one thing that stands out the most is true fans really do exists.

It never fails, whenever I go to a concert, there’s always 1 person who thinks they can out-fan me. I remember flying from Houston to New Orleans to see Frank Ocean perform at Jazz Fest one year. I meet a guy from Saint Louis, he said he traveled to New Orleans because it was the closest tour date Frank Ocean had all year. He said he drove the entire way jamming nothing but Frankie songs.  I felt out-fanned because I decided to catch the 45 minute flight, instead of driving down jamming Frankie hits the whole time. Damn, I should have thought of that.

Another time I meet a chik at a 2Chainz concert. She lives in ATX but she traveled to Houston to catch his show. Keep in mind this was during SXSW time. She left the festivities of SXSW to see 2Chainz perform in Houston, and then headed back home after the show to make it back to ATX to see 2Chainz perform the following night. Yeah she out-fanned me.  Stories like that are so motivating and inspiring.

Being a 2014 renaissance groupie is not for everyone, it takes a certain type of person to pull it off. I suggest the next time your favorite artists is performing near you,  you should go. Be warned it is an addictive habit.