2014 Groupies


The term groupie is usually associated with rock bands and young female followers willing to do anything to meet their fav musicians.
I am a renaissance groupie.  I will travel just about anywhere to see any of my favorite artist/groups perform. I have even been known to fly solo dolo to a concert just to be in the presence of the band.

If you don’t have a deep rooted passion for music, you probably couldn’t grasp the idea of spending close to $5000 annually for a musical entertainment budget. The cost include buying new music from all my fav artists, concerts tix, concert outfits, artists merch, drinks at concert, and other miscellaneous purchases. All to show my love and support for the arts.

There is nothing like the thrill of being in a designated area with a large number of people excited and super hyped to witness a performance. Just knowing that everyone in that venue at that time is there to enjoy the same show makes it really easy to meet new people. 

Being in the communications realm has provided me with numerous opportunities to attend all types of concerts. The one thing that stands out the most is true fans really do exists.

It never fails, whenever I go to a concert, there’s always 1 person who thinks they can out-fan me. I remember flying from Houston to New Orleans to see Frank Ocean perform at Jazz Fest one year. I meet a guy from Saint Louis, he said he traveled to New Orleans because it was the closest tour date Frank Ocean had all year. He said he drove the entire way jamming nothing but Frankie songs.  I felt out-fanned because I decided to catch the 45 minute flight, instead of driving down jamming Frankie hits the whole time. Damn, I should have thought of that.

Another time I meet a chik at a 2Chainz concert. She lives in ATX but she traveled to Houston to catch his show. Keep in mind this was during SXSW time. She left the festivities of SXSW to see 2Chainz perform in Houston, and then headed back home after the show to make it back to ATX to see 2Chainz perform the following night. Yeah she out-fanned me.  Stories like that are so motivating and inspiring.

Being a 2014 renaissance groupie is not for everyone, it takes a certain type of person to pull it off. I suggest the next time your favorite artists is performing near you,  you should go. Be warned it is an addictive habit.


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