YG Live


Sorry for the late post, but still pretty relevant. I had the opportunity to witness YG’s first live concert in Houston last Thursday at the House of Blues.


As you can tell by now, I have a bit of a thing for the Young G.  And, my love has intensified after seeing him perform live. His tall, slender, tatted up physique alone held my attention. I digress.

YG is a very young artist and fairly new to performing in front of large crowds, needless to say the show had some noticeable  highs and lows.

I did love his set design.  It was old house looking fixture with his block “400” tagged as it’s address.  DJ Mustard was hiding within the house spinning out YG’s tracks.  He had the whole house party theme going. As he and his homies took long sips of Ciroc Berry between songs.

yg dancing

YG had krazy, good energy throughout his set.  He even took a little time out to gansta boogie for the fans. He performed all the bangers from “My Krazy Life” as well as a few mixtapes hits and his classic “Toot it and Boot it.”

The crowd was going wild enjoying the gangsta party. All the gansta boos and thugs were on the scene, heavy.  All type of gang signs and thug camaraderie took place during his show.  As far as I could see only one fight broke out all evening!

One low point of the evening was when YG brought out a folding chair and proceeded to rap while having a seat. No sir. We (the audience) didn’t get the luxury of having a seat, so you shouldn’t either. And who sits down at a concert anyway?

I could kind of see why he had the chair as a prop when performing “Sorry Momma.” But the chair remained for like 3 songs thereafter.  Gotta get your health up YG, no more sit down breaks.

I also had issues with his vocals.  I don’t think it was anything technical, just the way he sounded. Another area for improvement.

Besides the minor imperfections, he had a great show.


He closed out the set with his popular hit “My Niggas” and brought out a host of H-town’s finest to support their nigga.

I truly believe YG is a solid young artist. With time and dedication he will grow into a great artist. Don’t believe me, just watch.

And what I said it.


LIL BOOSIE HOME!!! And what??


I guess all the free Lil Boosie campaigning paid off because as of Wednesday March 12th 2014 Torrence Hatch was released from Angola prison, cleared of a first-degree murder charge in May 2012 but served a mandatory 2 year sentence for drug possession.


I love Lil Boosie as much as the next hip hop fan, but a press conference really.  To release the statement: Honey I’m Home, naw, no thank you. That’s injustice. It’s not as though he was a prisoner of warfare, or wrongfully convicted of a horrific crime.  He caught a possession case while locked up on a first-degree murder charge.  I am truly grateful that he beat the first charge, but he could have been home if he didn’t ketch the second case. Why should I applaud him for that?  He did his time just like any other black man lock up on drug charges. Do their time and come home to hit the streets.

My little cousin did a 3 1/2 year stint and  we threw a small celebration to show that we love and missed him.  We didn’t call the local media to arrange a press conference for him to give a shot-out to all the fam that held him down while he was away.  We didn’t call Quanell X to escort him from the prison door to his mama’s car waiting for him in the parking lot. We did none of the such, just a regular Black people fish fry with the “Welcome Home” banner attached to the garage.

Maybe its because my little cousin never accomplished his ghetto dreams of becoming a hood superstar.  Please do not forget how we hold our neighborhood trapstars, and hood celebrities in high regard.

Why does the Black community supports and even glorify a person for going to jail? In the hood, going to jail and doing real time solidify’s a persons character. A badge of honor, earned stripes.  In a true sense it justifies the reason you went to jail. No matter the crime.

Think about the whole TI situation and his multiple cases.  The hood was in a frenzy when it was known that TI would serve a lengthy sentence for gun possession.  Almost immediately Free the King t-shirts were being printed and sold on your nearest hood corner.

ti shirt

T.I. was arrested with a arsenal of weapons enough to supply a small African village. There is nothing celebratory about that fact.

So now that Lil Boosie is home after being arrested for a murder charge, we are supposed to salute that man for coming home.

The murder victim will never come home.

And what I said it.

2014 Groupies


The term groupie is usually associated with rock bands and young female followers willing to do anything to meet their fav musicians.
I am a renaissance groupie.  I will travel just about anywhere to see any of my favorite artist/groups perform. I have even been known to fly solo dolo to a concert just to be in the presence of the band.

If you don’t have a deep rooted passion for music, you probably couldn’t grasp the idea of spending close to $5000 annually for a musical entertainment budget. The cost include buying new music from all my fav artists, concerts tix, concert outfits, artists merch, drinks at concert, and other miscellaneous purchases. All to show my love and support for the arts.

There is nothing like the thrill of being in a designated area with a large number of people excited and super hyped to witness a performance. Just knowing that everyone in that venue at that time is there to enjoy the same show makes it really easy to meet new people. 

Being in the communications realm has provided me with numerous opportunities to attend all types of concerts. The one thing that stands out the most is true fans really do exists.

It never fails, whenever I go to a concert, there’s always 1 person who thinks they can out-fan me. I remember flying from Houston to New Orleans to see Frank Ocean perform at Jazz Fest one year. I meet a guy from Saint Louis, he said he traveled to New Orleans because it was the closest tour date Frank Ocean had all year. He said he drove the entire way jamming nothing but Frankie songs.  I felt out-fanned because I decided to catch the 45 minute flight, instead of driving down jamming Frankie hits the whole time. Damn, I should have thought of that.

Another time I meet a chik at a 2Chainz concert. She lives in ATX but she traveled to Houston to catch his show. Keep in mind this was during SXSW time. She left the festivities of SXSW to see 2Chainz perform in Houston, and then headed back home after the show to make it back to ATX to see 2Chainz perform the following night. Yeah she out-fanned me.  Stories like that are so motivating and inspiring.

Being a 2014 renaissance groupie is not for everyone, it takes a certain type of person to pull it off. I suggest the next time your favorite artists is performing near you,  you should go. Be warned it is an addictive habit.