Damn Impulse Shopping


I have really grown tired of the new impulse internet shopping techniques that have grown quite popular recently. My concept of impulse internet shopping is; a sale event only taking place during a short window of time so you have to stop everything you are doing to shop these incredible, one of a kind deals.

There are numerous internet sites such as Hautelook, Zulily, ShoeMint, and plenty more. Promising the deal of a lifetime for limited edition collectibles.  Things you can only purchase this day, this moment, this second, or you will miss out forever.


I don’t like being forced into a deal.  What if I didn’t have the money to buy the one of a kind tiger print leggings on sale for $29.99 regular price $69.99? I don’t want to miss that deal, but I also don’t want to go without food and gas in my car.

I think this impulse shopping has created a boom in the payday loan industry. Nobody want to miss out on an incredible deal. And some people are more willing to do anything to get it. Like pay a total of $200 for a $100 payday loan to buy leggings at that moment to save only $40.  To somebody, somewhere that sounds logical.

So, after I buy these one of a kind tiger print leggings for $29.99 today only, I will no longer indulge in internet impulse shopping.

And what I said it.